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Best of the Y2K5 Loop Festival (tentative): Hideki Nakanashi aka MandoMan (JP), Ryusei Hattori (JP), Bernhard Wagner (DE/CH), Bill Walker (US), Rick Walker (US)Wednesday, October 5th, 8 PMHenry Miller Library, Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920 (mapquest, yahoo map)$10/door - no one turned away for lack of funds
The Avant Edge of the Y2K5 Loop Festival (confirmed): Roberto Zorzi (IT), Philipp ZURRIGO Zürcher (CH)Thursday, October 6th, 8 PMThe Luggage Store (mapquest, yahoo map)$10/door - no one turned away for lack of funds
Best of the Y2K5 Loop Festival (confirmed): Hideki Nakanashi aka MandoMan (JP), Ryusei Hattori (JP), Bernhard Wagner (DE/CH) Lx Rudis (US), Christopher Fleeger (US), David Molina (US), Beau Casey (US), Rick Walker (US) Friday, October 7th, 8 PMJavacat Coffee, 5549 Geary Boulevard; San Francisco, CA 94121 (mapquest, yahoo map)$10/door - no one turned away for lack of funds
Festival: 46 live looping artists will perform 30 minute sets on two stages.October, 8th and 9th, noon to midnightE3 Playhouse; 433, Front Street; Santa Cruz (mapquest, yahoo map)All shows $10/door - no one turned away for lack of funds
Annual Loopers' after­fest Brunch (tentative)October 10th, 1:00 PME3 PlayhouseThe price of brunch plus a healthy tip to the fabulous staff of the E3 Playhouse who will have put up with this ragtag lot for the past 72 hours.
Y2K5 AFTERPARY (definite)October 10th, 9:30 PMThe Box, Santa Cruz's Premier Goth Club. BLACK ATTIRE requested but not mandatory. (mapquest, yahoo map)


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Sat 8th, 09:00 PMRick WalkerR.Walker/J.Wagner/B.BeedeUSAfound sound/percussionfound sound/ live looping/ abstract electronica
Sun 9th, 05:30 PMBill WalkerBill WalkerUSAelectric guitar
Sat 8th, 07:30 PMJames SidloJames SidloUSAelectric guitar
Sat 8th, 09:30 PMAndy Butler 2Andy ButlerUKelectric guitarlive-looping
Sat 8th, 08:00 PMRyusei Hattori 1Ryusei HattoriJAPAN
Sun 9th, 09:00 PMHideki Nakanishi 1Hideki NakanishiJAPAN
Sun 9th, 08:00 PMBernhard Wagner 1Bernhard WagnerSWITZERLANDelectric guitar
Sun 9th, 09:30 PMPhilipp "zurrigo" Zürcher 2Philipp "zurrigo" ZürcherSWITZERLANDelectric guitarmutant guitar music and dynamic loops
Sun 9th, 12:00 PMAddam Ant the PlumberAddam Ant the PlumberUSAbeatbox-rap
Sat 8th, 05:30 PMAdrian WestAdrian WestUSA
Sun 9th, 02:30 PMAmar ChaudryAmar ChaudryUSA
Sat 8th, 08:30 PMTed KillianTed KillianUSA'77 Gibson RD Artistnot easy-listening
Sat 8th, 05:00 PMRoss ArteseAtomic Mobius MachineUSA
Sat 8th, 05:00 PMDan MooreAtomic Mobius MachineUSA
Sat 8th, 05:00 PMChris RobertsAtomic Mobius MachineUSA
Sat 8th, 06:00 PMGhost 7Ghost 7USAbass guitarmelodic experimental
Sun 9th, 03:00 PMDarin ShaefferDarin ShaefferUSA
Sat 8th, 04:00 PMKoorosh DaryaieDark NumbersPersia/USA
Sat 8th, 04:00 PMRick DarenDark NumbersUSA
Sun 9th, 08:30 PMMax Valentino 2Max ValentinoUSA
Sun 9th, 06:00 PMGoh NakamuraGoh NakamuraUSA
Sun 9th, 04:30 PMKrispen HartungKrispen HartungUSAacoustic guitarimprovisational, avant-garde, experimental
Sat 8th, 01:00 PMHerb HeinzHOOPLAUSA
Sun 9th, 05:00 PMJoe RutLumper/SplitterUSA
Sun 9th, 05:00 PMLucio MenegonLumper/SplitterUSA
Sun 9th, 03:30 PMNico LuminousNico LuminousUSA
Sat 8th, 12:30 PMPapa David PotterPapa David PotterThe World
Sat 8th, 03:00 PMScott Khunga DrengsenScott Khunga DrengsenUSAbass
Sat 8th, 01:00 PMTim ThompsonHOOPLAUSA
Sun 9th, 12:30 PMUte BonnUte BonnGermany
Sun 9th, 04:00 PMWally SchnalleWally SchnalleUSA
Sat 8th, 03:30 PMPushing AirPushing AirUSAvocals
Sat 8th, 02:00 PMSTANOSAURSTANOSAURUSAelectric guitar
Sat 8th, 04:30 PMMatt DavignonMatt DavignonUSAdrum machineexperimental, ambient
Sun 9th, 01:00 PMDoug WrightDoug WrightUSAAkai EWI, Tenor Saxophoneimprovisational live-looping
Sat 8th, 09:00 PMJon WagnerR.Walker/J.Wagner/B.BeedeUSA
Sat 8th, 09:00 PMBob BeedeR.Walker/J.Wagner/B.BeedeUSA
Sat 8th, 12:00 PMGreg PowersGreg PowersUSA
Sat 8th, 01:30 PMTrey DonovanTrey DonovanUSAChapman Stick, NS/Stick
Sun 9th, 01:30 PMGenieGenie  USAslide guitarblends blues, hip hop, reggae, drum n’ bass, middle eastern rhythms, bossa nova, and jazz via slide guitar, live-sampling, beat boxing, and unconventional syncopation
Sat 8th, 01:00 PMJoel DavidHOOPLAUSA
Sat 8th, 02:30 PMChris CohnChris CohnUSA
Sun 9th, 02:00 PMDavid MolinaDavid MolinaUSA
1: headliner
2: featured performer
3: unconfirmed

Huge thanks go out to
Simran Gleason, Craig McCollough, and Mark Hamburg
who graciously gave up their slots to accomodate the fact that we lost
6 evening slots due to the atrocious lack of support exhibited by the SC
Police department in giving us a temporary permit for the festival

All three of these wonderful artists will be special featured
live loopers in our ongoing 2nd Sundays Live Looping Series in coming

They are all wonderfully creative artists whose performance presence I sorely missed.
The festival was amazing. Thanks for everything all of you and especially Simran, Craig and Mark.

Note: The trio HOOPLA used the loop software "HOOPS" created by Tim Thompson for their performance.


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