1st International Loopfestival Zürich - Switzerland 2005


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Review of Thursday by music journalist Christoph Merki on page 54 in the "Tages-Anzeiger" of August 27th, 2005 (scan available, too, 198KB, thanks to Matthias Grob).
Announcement by music journalist Frank von Niederhäusern on page 41 in the "Züri-Tipp" of August 27th, 2005 (scan available, too, 599KB, thanks to Matthias Grob).
Announcement on page 11 in the "Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich" of August 24th, 2005.
Article by music journalist Markus Ganz on page 48 in the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" of August 24th, 2005.
8 minute contribution about the Loopfestival in the web radio. Bob Zanotti of Switzerland In Sound kindly agreed that I post the interview as an mp3 (1.45 MB). The sound example at the end of the interview is also available in stereo at a higher sound quality (2.54 MB).
12 minute contribution about the Loopfestival in the national radio station DRS2 on Tuesday, 23rd of August between 21 and 22 hrs in the emission "Jazz aktuell". The emission was webcast simultaneously and is now available as an mp3 (11:42, 10.7 MB). The interview was led by Nina Salis. Peter Bürli, editorial leader for Jazz of DRS2, kindly gave the permission to put the contribution online.
chat about the Loopfestival in the national radio station Couleur3 on Thursday, 12th of August at 19:30 hrs.
Article in homemade-labor blog, August 25th.
Interview on the NRJ Zürich radio station, August 25th, around noon.
Flash about the Loopfestival in the JAZZ'N'MORE July/August issue.
Article about the Loopfestival in the fanzine issue 3/05. Electroboy claims to be the author of this text, but in fact I wrote it. The article in the follow-up mag "Kommerz".
Thursday August, 25th 18:20 (repeated every hour) there will be a spot in the local tv station TeleZüri in the emission "ZüriTipp".
You'll miss it of course, because you'll be attending the festival yourself!
July, 15th 20:30 there was a short presentation and some live looping improvisation hosted by Flausen at the Club Mascotte, Zürich. The photos used for the presentation. Great audience! Many thanks to Mika, Simon and Bille!
July, 13th there was a promo event in Zürich with a lovely audience of around 50 attendants including Matthias Grob and Bruno Spoerri. Thanks to the hosts digitaler salon and walcheturm!


WhatWhenWhereHow Much
Festival: 40 live looping artists will perform 30 minute sets on two stages.August 25th to 27th, 7 p.m. to midnightMoods (mapquest, yahoo map)CHF 25.- (20.-) for each day. Three day festival pass at CHF 60.-
Looper's BrunchAugust 29th, 1:00 pmNot fixed yet!, (mapquest, yahoo map) Free except for price of brunch.


Please forgive us: this year we don't do ticket presales. Please come to the venue early (doors open at 19 hours). CH 25.- per day (20.- concessions) or 3-day-pass at CHF 60.-


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Thu 25th, 07:30 PMMichael KlobucharUSAelectric guitarmorph music
Fri 26th, 09:30 PMRick Walker 2USAfound sound/percussionfound sound/ live looping/ abstract electronica
Thu 25th, 09:00 PMWilliam Walker 2USAelectric guitar
Thu 25th, 10:00 PMJames SidloUSAelectric guitar
Thu 25th, 09:30 PMPer Boysen 2SwedenAir Saxophone
Sat 27th, 09:30 PMLuca FormentiniItalyguitar
Thu 25th, 10:30 PMDan MayfieldUKViolin
Sat 27th, 08:30 PMPhilipp "zurrigo" ZürcherSwitzerlandelectric guitarmutant guitar music and dynamic loops
Sat 27th, 10:00 PMFabio Anile 2ItalykeyboardsAmbient, minimal, music concrete
Sat 27th, 07:30 PMStefan KellerSwitzerlandflute
Sat 27th, 09:00 PMClaude VoitSwitzerlandAcoustic Guitar
Fri 26th, 10:00 PMAndy ButlerUKelectric guitarlive-looping
Fri 26th, 08:30 PMAndré MüllerSwitzerlandchapman stickambient & electronic
Fri 26th, 07:30 PMPetr SamojskýPetr Samojský + NechejCzech RepublicsitarWorld music
Fri 26th, 07:30 PMFilip DrsekPetr Samojský + NechejCzech Republicpercussion, didgeridoo, fujara, flute, kalimbaWorld music
Fri 26th, 07:30 PMVlastík KrejcíPetr Samojský + NechejCzech RepublicbassguitarWorld music
Fri 26th, 07:30 PMDan VojtíšekPetr Samojský + NechejCzech Republicdrums, percussionWorld music
Fri 26th, 09:00 PMGareth WhittockUKelectric guitarWorld music, chill out and psychedelia
Thu 25th, 08:00 PMMichael PetersGermanyKofferradioCut-Up Radio / Live-Klangcollagen
Fri 26th, 10:30 PMMatthias LoibnerLoibner-Beier-DuoAustriahurdy-gurdy
Fri 26th, 10:30 PMTunji BeierLoibner-Beier-DuoAustraliapercussion
Sat 27th, 08:00 PMIvan Kapec 2Trianguli Zone Loop ProjectCroatiaelectric guitarjazz ambiental
Sat 27th, 08:00 PMAndrej JakušTrianguli Zone Loop ProjectCroatiatrumpet
Thu 25th, 08:30 PMMike BearparkdarkroomUKguitar
Thu 25th, 08:30 PMOsdarkroomUKlaptopambient improv
Thu 25th, 11:00 PMChristy Doran 1New BagSwitzerlandelectric guitar
Thu 25th, 11:00 PMBruno AmstadNew BagSwitzerlandvoice
Thu 25th, 11:00 PMFabian KuratliNew BagSwitzerlanddrums
Thu 25th, 11:00 PMHans-Peter PfammatterNew BagSwitzerlandkeyboards
Thu 25th, 11:00 PMWolfgang ZwiauerNew BagSwitzerlandbass
Fri 26th, 11:00 PMChristoph Grab 1NeuromodulatorSwitzerlandsax
Fri 26th, 11:00 PMEric HunzikerNeuromodulatorSwitzerlandelectric guitar
Fri 26th, 11:00 PMMarius PeyerNeuromodulatorSwitzerlanddrums
Fri 26th, 11:00 PMEphrem LüchingerNeuromodulatorSwitzerlandkeyboards
Sat 27th, 11:00 PMChristian Röver 1Flisch - Röver - Pfammatter - TrioGermanyelectric guitar
Sat 27th, 11:00 PMRätus FlischFlisch - Röver - Pfammatter - TrioSwitzerlanddouble bass
Sat 27th, 11:00 PMNorbert PfammatterFlisch - Röver - Pfammatter - TrioSwitzerlanddrums
Fri 26th, 08:00 PMRoberto ZorziItalyguitar
Sat 27th, 10:30 PMMichael Schiefel 2Germanyvoice
Fri 26th, 11:00 PMThomas KudrnaNeuromodulatorSwitzerlandvisuals
1: headliner
2: featured performer
3: unconfirmed


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Georges und Jenny Bloch-Stiftung
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Jörg Sommerlatte for press work.
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David Kirkdorffer for The Instrument Carry-On Letter and for pointing out the webcast distribution of the loopfestival contribution on Swiss national radio station DRS2!
Rick Walker aka L()()p.p()()L for teaching and supporting me.


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